Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Un'fatal accident

i met an accident!

how come?
actually hor, that time was after rain and the road condition was slippery. so fortunate that the front car decided to hit on emergency break at the fast land. i was just 20 meters behind it at the speed around 60 km/h. of course lah, i 'tekan' the break 'kaw kaw'.

ehhh, how come my car was moving still??? my right leg was pressing so hard on the break pedal, correctly. my car skidded and 'gracefully' KISSED the front counterpart.


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see! the front part is gone. the front bumper, grills, both lamps, and the bonnet are damaged.

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so fortunate, i'm still alive.
we have to think positive what!!!

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and the car lamps are so old already, showing all the aging marks with yellowish discolouration. this time is just giving me great opportunity to change them. get my car a brand-new look, still in black colour of course!

something like, it is fortunate in an unfortunate event...

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