Friday, September 05, 2008

here, there...

i was really busy last week.
really one leh!!!

after came back from Ipoh, i went to Sintok, Kedah on Thursday.

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this time, i got a last minute announcement. i was informed to attend my final Induksi test (related topic: Nov 2007) at the University Utara Malaysia, UUM.
sad thing, i got to drive myself. total of 900 plus kilometres for a return trip.

adoh hai...

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i joined a group of doctors and related health professionals for the finale exam. there were only few of us, like my case, joining only the exam. most of them were already there for almost 2 weeks.

but hor, their accommodation, and food are much better than mine last time. i stayed at the EDC (a hotel, i don't know what it represent?) in the UUM for a night. after all, i got to know this hotel is used to accommodate the visiting lecturers and holding courses from government sectors like this induksi.

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after the exam, how can i miss the chance to go around the campus. but i didn't manage to get inside leh. so sien...

then hor...
on sunday pulak, i went back to Taiping, Perak. a day trip, to help my brother. he just opened a sport related shop at the newest shopping mall in town, Taiping Sentral. small business, and test water only...

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mari, mari, mari.... buy from me, and i will give you special price!

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