Sunday, September 21, 2008

Langkawi trip: Part 1

here come our holiday trip...
since our flight was at 810am in the morning, Mrs Bolehman and I got to get up super early. kalam-kabut preparing our self. then my father-in-law fetched us to the airport, the LCCT. at 630am, we were already there liao. i thought at this economy down-turn with the unstable political situation, should have less people traveling now. but then, hah to my surprise so many people out there!

after checking in our only one luggage, we walked around the LCCT and wait for the flight. now hor, the "Now everyone can fly" company is charging RM10 for each luggage. aiyo, crap lar....!!!

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the flight departed sharp at 810am. it should be the first time so far, the flight was on time. as usual, AirAsia picks the best pilots and the journey went smoothly. and it took only 45 minutes to Langkawi. so damn fast leh!

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alamak! too early pulak already reached to Langkawi. so we have to wait for the car agent to bring our rented car. actually i already made the booking during the Matta fair, a 'kancil' at RM50 a day. should be a good deal, as there is no extra charge for extra hours because we will be in the island for around 60 hours. we were only charged for 48 hours / 2 days charges only. ok lar...
so, we were just loitering at the airport for 1 hour. while waiting and waiting.... i did this...

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finally... the Si-Langkawi car agent came.
Nah... my dumbass Kancil for 3 days! and i paid RM150, included deposit of RM50.

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got the key.
jumped into the car, adjusted the seat, buckled the seat belt, started the lousy engine, then i got shocked! the powerless steering was so heavy to manipulate. sweating leh... trust me, it was like driving a lorry, especially taking a U-turning. eh! don't laugh...

on the road first thing i saw, i got this friendly reminder to the visitor...

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but how come not in Bahasa Malaysia also??? only English-reading people throw rubbish meh???

i drove to the nearest petrol station and pumped in RM20 worth of petrol. by then, it was already lunch hour. we ended taking McDonald as our first meal in Langkawi, no idea where else can get food.
then we got to our hotel which i booked one week ago.

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Holiday Villa is located further south of Pantai Chenang. at the first glance, it looks so isolated... a 3-storey building, with oldie look...

anyhow, it cost me RM195 net per night only. ok lar...

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some more, our room was automatically upgraded to premium deluxe type from only deluxe. i was told it was a courtesy from the hotel... ceh! low season, many empty room mah.
so we got a bigger room.

then, we slept... very tired leh!

NEXT: first dinner...

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