Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Penumpang, Pendatang, Penduduk.

are we, Chinese as 'penumpang', so-called parasite or squater in this country?

come... we should have a thorough consideration about this remark, as like a snow ball, it has been the latest political issue in this country. rolling and 'goreng' till very very big now. each community is pointing fingers to opposite, both pro-government parties and anti-government parties are joining the race too.

oh boy... i could not understand how is this going to end. the deputy head already addressed apologetic statement on behalf of the person who started the game, yet this one still pointing and blaming to the community, then to the newspaper...

should the newspaper apologize to the public, as raising this sensitive issue?
should one of the component parties quit the government alliance, as the party's head started this issue?
should another people apologized on behalf, than him doing so?
should he just keep quiet, and off else where he goes?

it is a sensitive racial issue.
like in Chinese proverbs, water from river should not mix with well water. harmony should be formed from intense understanding of each other, rather than asking other races not to 'touch' them, but ones can put on fire to others.
eh, do you get what i mean ah?

one thing for sure, i am the citizen of this country.
i am not a 'penumpang', nor 'pendatang' (migrant)!


for more info:
read this (in chinese)

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