Saturday, September 06, 2008

holiday... villa

oh boy... i went to MATTA fair today.

my mission, to get my accommodation and other information about my up-coming Langkawi trip. so i reached there at around 10am, as i also 'kiasu' maa. but hor, there were a lot 'kiasu' people like me...
so many people.

especially at the Hall 1, which consist about domestic tourist spots, were sardin-packed with people. maybe due to the economy downturn, still everyone wants to holiday.

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the travelling agents were so busy distributing the pamphlets. in the end, i collected some useful ones, and a lot more junk of papers.

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then... i got the vouchers of Langkawi's Holiday Villa Beach Resort for RM195 only each night, the discounted entrance tickets for the Underwater world and Bird Park. i save at least hundred plus for my hotel package... HAHAHAH!!!
not forgetting, i got a night stay at Bali Holiday Villa Resort for FREE, from a lucky draw (actually from spinning the wheel, wheel of lucky!) syiok nyer...

Langkawi, we are coming... next week!
Bali, next time lah!


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