Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fuel prices down by 10 sen

after so long, finally we have the answer...
effective from tomorrow (Thursday), fuel prices down by 10 sen per litre.

10 sen only!

with this 10 sen reduction per liter to petrol and diesel, it should be a good and joyful news to everyone in this country. everyone is expecting this news. from a simple calculation, a 40 liter tank saves RM4 each time to a full tank. if one needs to pump once in every week, total of RM16 only is saved in a month.
what can the RM16 do?

after cracking my head with this calculation, in the end it does not bring any drastic or effective benefits to me! all prices have gone up after the petrol hike on June. then the government decided to reduce it to 15 sen last month, and 10 sen reduction now, but the effect from the last hike stays. this does not apply to the Newton's law, "what goes up, will come down eventually". as for law of economy, whatever goes up will never come down!

10 sen. what the crap!?

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