Monday, September 29, 2008

You must think positive!

few days ago, i came across an interesting book - The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. i was waiting for my wife for lunch, and she was busy with her work. so i got to spend some time inside the book store and find something to read. i heard about this book from many people with good reviews, recommendations.

aiyak, i grabbed one copy, and started reading over there.
ehh... quite interesting leh. and few hours later, i finished that book. that time, instead of lunch, my wife came late and so be it. we had high tea!

suddenly, i start to think more positive. ehh, i have been telling a lot about negative things to patients. the car story related to the human ageing factor, and the complications, bad things will happen with chronic diseases. all these are bringing negative thoughts to the patients.

start thinking again...

i must alter or rephrase what i say to my patients.
i added a few sentences of positive factor.

for the pain and ageing problem, i will say:
"pain will go away. you can still do your daily activities as you are still able to, think positive. you must start walking and let the aids far away from you. with addition of the medications, it will help to reduce further. most important, your spirit must be strong, you can do it!"

for the chronic diseases' complications, i will say:
"you must think positive. everyone deserves to live free from pain, same to you. you must start living healthier, eat healthier, and practising healthy social life style. with the medications, it will definitely help you more. by taking the pills appropriately, and accordingly, it will give you good control over the disease."

i think, after this counselling the patient should be motivated with the right attitude. the different from the statements is - i try not to mention NO, DON'T, or things to cause negative thoughts.

You must think positive!
and take the medications too.

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Anonymous said...

Yes !! This sound much much better to your patients. With your positive courage and words , I believe you can be a very GOOD doctor. I love you , dear..:)

Anonymous said...

Other than your patients, think positive with positive saying to your lovely family too. They need your positive courages and words . Dun forget them ya :)