Saturday, December 06, 2008

Doctor's life - bitter then sweet

after completing my secondary education, i seriously asked myself for my own future. judging from my ability and capability, plus my limited interest, i decided to join medical. don't ask why i joined medical, the reason i already mentioned in previous post - "Because I'm a doctor".

then many years of hard work, i enter a new chapter in my life. a working life, reality scenario of handling real people with real situation. freaking out, honestly this was my first reaction. it was totally a different life from previous. whatever i said, it will be followed by action. unlike testing 1, 2, 3. the patients are no more guinea pigs, or simulated ones.

houseman, i completed my first year of work in the three postings. explaining my job scope, a houseman is just a cheap all-in labour. houseman is the lowest rank in the constitution, a.k.a. in the hospital. just have to work and work, no argue following all instructions. there is no right or wrong, still houseman is always wrong. real bitter life, but it is the time to restructure a doctor to get mature. tough, yes it was. but i went through it.

medical officer, it is time to have fun. no more like a houseman, as a MO (for medical officer) many things are just give orders and the 'orang bawahan' (the houseman, or nurses) will do it. all in sudden, i feel like having too many free time at work. feeling less stress at work, less problem at solving situation, more mature in handling cases.

this is the path, we all have to go through the bitter part first then only can taste the sweetiness. at this point, ones only able to differentiate the sweetiness from the bitter taste. some always like to compare with their old-time story, mentioning last time they were this and that unlike people now. blah, blah, blah... but, the truth is all of us (the doctors) have went through this. regardless how old-time it was, everyone had their houseman era.

so why are they complaining now for the tough life in housemanship?
housemanship is just a waste-of-time, purposelessly setting up to cause more harm to those newly-joint 'virgin' doctors?
THE primary factor to cause more and more doctors from suffering mental disorder?

what i feel is, the doctors nowadays are more immature and fragile. there have not prepared to handle the duty as doctors, yet. many of them have the false hope, illusion about the doctor's life. from the dramas like 'House', 'Grey's anatomy', many have this westernised way of thinking.
no, we don't have such privilege to work in those countries. over here, it is normal to sacrifice endless hours for work. everyday, seven days a week. it is definitely not a nine-to-five work. further more it is much fortunate now, as many new doctors in the service. it is very unlikely to see a situation where not enough houseman in the hospital. overflow with houseman, yes always.

who should complain first? salute to those old-time doctors, they had gone through with no complain. tirelessly sacrificing themselves to all. it is a lesson for all of us to learn, no doubt.

from the anatomy of human tongue, we get the sweet sensation first at the tip and bitter at last. in real life story, it is another way round. we should get the bitter part first, then only enjoy the sweet part.

how fun it is now...

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