Wednesday, May 31, 2006

surgery, tak nak!!!

very tired!!!.....
i was thinking after O&G posting i should have better life, it means more relaxing on the surgical posting. in reverse, i think i am much busier (and suffer more...) than the previous one!
how come leh!!!???

those surgeons are trained to stand for long hours, but i am not! just wondering how do they adjust themself to stand still, not even moving or shaking their legs. wonderful... however for us, those students, we were like constantly 'exercising' our legs. the pain is just... untoleratable (at least for me...) especially after third hour of standing.

third day already, i have been standing longer and longer on each day. with doing the ward works, clerking patients and the worst is during following the specialist round. hey, at least 3 hours of standing (and listenning to their stories). mana boleh tahan!!! most of the time, my mind will just automatically shut down after an hour. then reboot during questioning, if cant answer it then i need to 'press' the reset button. *woahahaha...

what a doggie life as a student... (not again!)

not finish yet... then come to my lecturer. if u think im entitled as "mr lor" ("sor"), the best yet to come... my surgeon is the best candidate. he can just talks without stopping for hours. the best part is, he has 'gajah-punya' memory. something like a walking-medical-dictionary... just that toooo "lor soh"! tak boleh tahan....

hai... four more weeks to finish this. fast fast lar, going to mati liao lor...:-(

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