Monday, May 29, 2006


after days and hours of agony, i met my love one... (yipeee!!!)

wah!! it was just like a moment of .... (let me think, how to describe it??) absolutely happiness, and "xing fu" (i think it is the most appropriate one!) to meet her. the feeling was just magical... her smiles, sleepy face and angry gestures (hah! stay cool girl..) heal my hunger of love from my love one.
mrs Boleh-man, you are just my wonderful companion...

after departure, i received an message from my love one.
"you are my SUNSHINE..."
am i??? it reminds me of the moment a year ago... from total strangers, to become lovers. God knows, it is just miracle to me.
dear angeline, thank you for bringing all these to my life.

"there is always sunshine after dark..." remember :-)

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