Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the Da Vinci code

i think it has been a hot topic among the movie-goers... and not to mention those holy holy church-goers.
what so nice about this book?!
hah, is it really that controversial?


this book was given to me as a present, surprisingly... anyhow i wanted to get it since a year ago, after being told by my friends about its good reviews. however no time lar...
since the movie is going to show, i decided to start reading it yesterday. after burning many hours of night oils, and plenty of palpitations (due to the high and low of the story line) i managed to finish it today!

a few questions are ringing in my head:
1. does the Holy Grail really exist till today?
2. did Jesus father a child?
3. were the hiding messages on the Da vinci's paintings real?
... and many more queries

at the end, it was just a story of conspiracies in conspiracy.
believe it or not?!

as i dont mix up the religion with the fun as a friction reader, (ahh... sorry for those religious people) i think i enjoyed the story... great!
two thumbs up for Dan Brown...

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