Friday, May 26, 2006


it is not the title of famous US series (if you watch ASTRO AXN)...
though it is my lucky number:-)
and the truth is...
...... i have 24 hours more to meet my love one...

so true that these 24 hours are so tormenting, tearing my skin and meat piece by piece... wondering if im still in one complete piece after these 24 hours??? anyhow im still waiting for it patiently, with fingers crossed *hahaha*

today, is my final day of the Obstetrics and Gynaenecology posting. the hardest block for the whole medical life (some said...). and i did my last delivery today with some emotion... why??? in my mind, it was my last try before i end my student status. next time, i will be doing it as a real doctor...
shouldnt it be better then???
sounds good, however "with more power, comes with more responsibility". i wonder whether i will still be this passionate to do this job as what im doing now... for me, im pushing it so hard, (really hardworking, for this posting) because i really like it. with sleepless nights, sitting and waiting there... the passion, and the joy whenever seeing life to be brought to this world, is speechless... furthermore with my hands. it is how i enjoy delivery (of babies), being the first one who touches them... (no spanking their butts, as shown in the movies... ok!!)
in total of 16 deliveries i did for the past four weeks, plenty of stiches i did on the mothers. experience, that counts. and im getting more and more confidence to deal with the situation. it makes me feel even better when the nurses praised of my skill... it cures the pain of my legs, the uncountable time that i spent in the labour room.

Bravoooo... and cheers for the mothers.
'because of you, i learn....'

*anyway, i can rest now... woahahaha!!!*

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