Monday, May 15, 2006

happy mother's day

so fast.... my one-week-break is over. so sad and hesitated to crawl back here, having my 'dull' life alone in batu pahat...
something came across my mind, i never say 'i love you' to my mum. even though it is a very common yet meaningful sentence, but i have not inherited with the words for my parents. though i have been saying it "freely" to my beloved one (no other than mrs Boleh-man), but it is just cant say it to my mum... how come leh???
hai, it was mother's day yesterday. again, i wasted the chance of confession... to her.
'actions speak louder than words.'
(as mrs Boleh-man always mention it..)
she knows that i really love her, from my actions but never say it out. having said that, i still think it is necessary (once awhile) to tell her that. so.... i will try it again next time.

to my mum, and mrs Boleh-man's mother (and the rest of mothers),
and i love you :-)

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