Saturday, May 13, 2006

family value

"ongoing of hardwork, just for a moment of rest."

even though it is just a short break, but it brings me the energy and real rest for me... this is the reason why i like home. home sweet home... to meet the ones i love, the place i am familiar with, the sound and the touch which warm me all these while... these all are just feeling, a rush of being 'xing fu' in mandarin. it is more wonderful i know that my love one (mrs Boleh-man, of course) who is waiting for me, and longing for my love...
for all these, all my hardwork is just well-worthy for all reasons. just a moment of rest, lying peacefully beside my love one will be just... wonderfulllll... and absolutely great feeling.
loving someone, is even greater when you get to the one you love is really really love you. mrs Boleh-man, i REALLY feel the love from you... the hard curves that we had gone through, will not be wasted, and it brings more meaning to our life.

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when will you be part of my family????

i love you, angeline...

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