Saturday, February 28, 2009


our poor Malaysia citizens have been fooled around lately.

few days back, someone 'the genius one' from the somewhere lah just announced another toll price hike over the five major expressways, mainly at the Klang Valleys. someone's there were so smart and reasoned out 'it's just a minor adjustment, most also at 50 cents only and 5% increment over the North-South expressway...'. after all, we still need to pay compensations or fines to the companies as it (the toll price increment) was delayed for more than a year.

after one day.

someone, 'more genius one' made a massive U-TURN! announcing to delay its decision regarding the toll price increment till year end. after hearing, and concerning about 'rakyat's current situation, it will be just fine for the government to pay the compensations to the companies.

happy now???

hey, don't get fooled over here!

we, the poor Malaysian citizens, is losing in this game no matter what!
whatever decision made by 'the genius one', the compensations still needed to pay the companies. where are the money from to pay these compensations? truthfully, it is still 'rakyat's money. every single cent, and ringgit from our hard-earn money, is going to 'feed' these companies.

don't you see it now?

what can we do now? nothing, and we can just follow the flow of the stream. slowly, to adapt to the current situation. helplessly, do nothing and hope for something... the fact is, the genius one will remains genius.

i got a slap!!!

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