Saturday, February 07, 2009

I like...

form my school days, long long time ago, i like to read newspaper. without fail, i will read from the front page stories to the last page, everyday. from the hot topics, to editorial reviews, celebrities scandals, sport news, to business and stock reviews, i like them all.

i paid RM0.80 only last time to RM1.20 - RM1.50 now. almost double the cost, will not stopping me from getting them. at least two daily, Chinese and English version each. spending almost an hour a day reading them, still i don't think i manage to digest every single issue inside it. so committed, and it is far more motivated than reading educational materials.

nowadays, i like to go to my hospital's library. it provides me daily 'supplements', i can read all three major languages' newspapers at one time. even the librarian was asking why don't i buy newspapers myself? jokingly, she is bored of seeing me everyday in the library. the librarian even had to stay overtime sometimes for letting me reading the newspapers. my answer, it's FREE of charge mah there!

even we have internet now, there are plenty of updated news and open resources online. still, i like the paper, as in paper'ish' feeling. i like to hold it, flip it, and feel it.

eh, it sounds like i'm insane??? gila???
no lah! don't get me wrong...

studies showed at different age group will have special interest at the reading newspapers habit. at 10 - 20 years old group, most people will start reading at the entertainment or celebrities scandals first. at 20 - 30 years of age, they start to like the front stories, the hot topics of the day. at 30 - 40 years of age, people will prefer at the business section. at 40 - 50 years old pulak, they will start reading at second section or something about lifestyle. for 50 years old and above, they will start at editorial reviews or whatever reviews...

which part of the newspaper you will start reading first?
me, from the front page... eh, it means i'm at the correct age group.


i like to read newspaper... i must read newspaper... i can't live without newspaper...

i'm addicted!

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