Sunday, March 01, 2009


1. after 308 incident, people have had decided their choice. the so-called opposition coalition gains control over five states, namely state of Kelantan, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Selangor, and occupying more than one third in the Parliament. switching of power in certain states, are generally welcome in their respective states. others, still the same.

2. it is a wake-up call for those in power, people are yearning for a CHANGE! people wish to see 'some', not many, improvements from the administration and benefits to 'rakyat' directly. someone up there, has been too long in power, should have given way and some opportunity to the younger generation.

3. people are becoming more and more alert, and sensitive to the current political situation. people are no more relying totally on to the government-controlled media, more and more under-the-desk stories are discovered from everywhere. people are getting 'cleverer' to search for the truthfully true stories...

4. WE WANT A CHANGE, but people do not want to have a fragile government! someone up there, so unaware of current state, letting the left and right men giving all the untrue statements. like a bamboo without backbone, swinging side to side.

5. people have chosen their preferred candidates of representative in state and parliament, and the decision was also made because of the represented coalition parties. people do not like FROGS, hoping from one party to another political party.

6. people hope the someone up there, should learn from the mistakes. not to point finger now, stating who's right or wrong, promoting self the genius one! stop shouting, people want to see the 'Yang Berkerja' YBs...

7. people have been yearning for good governance and efficient public delivery. someone so clever to announce some big agenda to test the market one fine day. after uproar from the 'rakyat', someone more genius one decided to have a U-turn. what for? for fun is it!!!

8. people's message to someone up there, support for YOU has been eroding simply because YOU have failed to live up to these escalating expectations.


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