Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a story...

there is this Cina guy, Ah Song (i like this name... hehe), stays in a small small 'kampung' area. he earns on average RM1000 only a month. few months back he spent RM3000 of his hard-earn money, and bought himself a 'kapcai' car.

then few months later, our beloved government decided to give 'incentive' to the old-car owners. a rebate of RM5000 for getting a new car. wah lau eh! but with conditions, someone needs to own that car for more than 6 months and only applicable to buy either 'Perotong' or the 'Perodua' cars. bang!!!

so happy, this Ah Song finally ditched the old car and getting himself a new one. hmmmm, the cheapest one among these two brands is only the little 'Kancil'. this little one also cost more than RM25,000 on the road. to make it round figure, after minus the rebate he still need to fork out RM20K for this new car.

problems come. he needs to pay the down payment first, RM2000. he needs to find mony. then the balance he needs bank loan. at this moment, it is not easy to get bank loan. red-tapes, they will request a lot of documents from the potential customers. not that they don't want business, it is just that... this poor guy just have RM1000 monthly only.

lets say this poor guy has no other commitment, he has no other loans. still the bank will ask for a guarantor as this poor guy is a first-timer. the banks will look at the payment profile if someone got previously applying for loan.

facing all these troubles, this Ah Song became 'beh song' - not happy. just for that RM5000 rebate, he got all these problems. furthermore, he needs to pay his monthly instalment of don't know how much for enjoying his little new 'Kancil'.

worth it or not?

i don't think so, loh!

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Anonymous said...

I think you can quit your job as a Doctor and become a story teller. hehe...