Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My BolehBoy

after missing for quite some time, submersing myself deep under, slowly with its pace enjoying my BolehBoy growing bigger and stronger. hah! my BolehBoy is already more than 2 months old.

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still, he likes to sleep...
his usual, daily routines will be sleeping, crying, then drinking milk, sleep again and again... he is much sensitive and aware of his surrounding now, he likes to explore the different sounds and colours. when he sleeps, however he is so insensitive to the surrounding. loud musics, busy traffics, 'ting' 'tang' here and there, he is so immune to them and he will continue his sleep.

my BolehBoy, is sleeping...

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Anonymous said...

I guess his is sleeping soundly at this time ( 1:01am) and I am working in office now. I miss my bolehboy so much while I am away from him. Do you miss your mummy a little?