Sunday, May 31, 2009

My BolehBoy - First swimming

Last sunday,

"Dear, i want my BolehBoy to have his first swimming lesson today."
"hah!, he is so young and small in size. how can ah???" BolehMother replied.
"i got all the stuffs already, i don't care. he is going in water today!"

well, i just went to unpack the inflatable swimming pool, boiled water, filled up the pool, prepared all the stuffs. ting.. ting.. tang.. tang... that all took me about 45 minutes to prepare.

done, i undressed my BolehBoy. Fixed him with the star-shaped float....


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he got into the pool.
at first, he was a bit confusing. in a new environment mah! after he got used with the water temperature, he started to kick around.

ok, he was swimming in naked. initially i was thinking to put on something, just to cover or 'protect' that something-down-there. but... what to wear ah??? got the super-extra-tiny-small swimsuit for him meh!!!

WARNING, some nudity.
boys and girls, please don't scroll down further if you can't take it... hehehe!

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this BolehBoy boy was trying to kick and move around the pool. but hor, i can't stop looking at his 'something-down-there'. too obvious and too distracting lar...

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after 10 minutes, he got tired already. and again, that 'something-down-there' is distracting me!!!

feeling so satisfied, finally my BolehBoy can 'swim' already... ohh! back to BolehMother, she was watching me with some kind of look throughout the swimming lesson. angry with me? no lar, i think she just wanted to kick me into the pool only...



Anonymous said...

I feel proud of my little one ! Thanks for Mr. Bolehman for your effort to make this possible :)

Anonymous said...

so........cute.........wanna to kiss him lah.......