Thursday, May 29, 2008

medical department

it has been two weeks in this tiny-miny hospital...

eh... it is considered as a district hospital with pakar! so it has medical, surgery, O&G, and paediatrics but without orthopedics. i also don't know why, every complicated 'tulang' cases will be sent to other hospital. tiu...

then, where am i?

hah, i got into medical department!
i wanted paediatrics, but there are more than enough MOs liao. but my pengarah is kind enough to let me choose what i want, so here i am!!!


i met this patient in my clinic today.

an old 'yellow-skinned' guy, with some heart disease, which need to take warfarin (a medicine) everyday in order to make his blood more 'cair'. in other words, it is to prevent blood from clotting.

he has been taking it for years. but hor, he misses the medicine frequently too... he will take it whenever he feels like it, not bothering of what-so-ever outcomes.

of course, he claimed to be compliant to the medication all these while. but, the blood results always in not-so-good level all these while too.

unfortunately he met me today...

pakcik: aku makan tiap-tiap hari lor...
me: betul ke???
pakcik: betul, betul!
me: lepas tu, apa pasal itu darah tak cantik!
pakcik: eh..... (blank face)
me: kenapa ponteng ubat?
pakcik: eh.... (pause even longer)
me: @#$#$%^^&*
pakcik: hehe heeee
me: lu mau mati ke!!!
pakcik: haha hah! (still laughing)
me: tiu...

after all, it is just purely ignorance...

to treat them, what is the point?
to save all the craps, it is better to shake up their brains first...

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