Saturday, May 03, 2008


it is definitely a sensitive issue to our society, no one mentions about the 'special treatment' of bumis, but the quota system which exist here for loooong long time...

i came across an article, titled "why bother waking up 3am to study" by a disappointed student, there are many more such talented useful people out there got into such situation.

those who studied so hard, achieved got scores in their exams; but poorly recognize by the government here... as mentioned, this land ‘Only 10% non-bumis are allowed’. what ever we do, there will be such quota system applied to it, directly or indirectly. no one, yes no one, can question about it.

the victims, the yellow- and dark-skin people. these are the 10% in the quota.
racism? it is always here, co-exist in everyone's blood.
what can the 10% do?

please dont get me wrong... i am not trying to create havoc, or negative ideology here. i dont want to get caught in ISA....

whose fault is it???

it is unfair to blame those people who refused or reluctant to come back home to work and contribute to this lousy-system country. to be frank, the moon other than Malaysia is much brighter and bigger... these people get more recognition, and of course money if compared what we can get over here.

should they to be blamed for this?
'tepuk dada, tanya diri'... if i have the same opportunity, i will leave this country too. what if......

so, why can we 'plug' this on-going brain-draining?

no way... it is the system fault!

yup! i will be leaving.... one day!!!
feel sick with this system!

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