Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sweet 18

so fast. it has been 18 months of working in Hospital Taiping. long enough, not really...
it is just... to fast. as the first day i reported duty, it seems like just happened yesterday.

from just a fresh graduate, taking up the responsibility, learning the culture of working life, adapting to the hierarchy-based society. ehemmmm... it was a steep road to craw forward.

ahah! 18 months over. so called i have completed the period of houseman-ship.
now on, don't call me houseman / HO.

the correct statement is: im a medical officer, aka MO.

what next???
i will be posted at one of the periphery hospitals or 'klinik kesihatan'. at the same time, im proceeding with my request for transferring to KL, to be closer with my beloved one...
then i need to get my Part One, of my master program.

i still have loooooong way to go.
steeper curve to learn...
deeper hole to dig...

what now???
i need to rest!


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