Saturday, April 26, 2008


from my little knowledge of dictionary,
hypo, means low or really low...
~ ism, a word ends with this means a syndrome.

so hypo-money-ism means 'no $ syndrome'.

after filling up my tax-paying form, my first ever tax declaration, i noticed that i have earned quite not-so-little amount for the past one year of working. then where did my money go? hah!

think, think, and deep thinking of it...

i got:
a wife - invested a few, and more money to put in...
a set of PS2 - cheap only, got it after six months of working
a complete set kitchen utilities (from AMWAY) - planned by mother, so called for future purposes woh. hey, it cost me 5K ok!
a memorable local honey-moon trip - due to time constraint, only manage to spend short journey, locally, to Penang only... haha! but, stayed in 6-star hotel. HEHE
Taiwan trip - as for annual event with mrs Boleh-man.

i think thats all i have...

flip, and flip my bank book...
and, now i know where did it go...

smile [ke cak]

now, is it hyper-money-ism pulak!

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