Saturday, March 01, 2008



everyone is getting hot, with the current burning like in oven wheather, and also with the latest Malaysia next general election.
wah liao! i cant tahan lor... (sweating...)

few days back, there was one patient admitted to a hospital with complaining fall after being pushed. to make it more juicy, actually this old woman was trying to put on flags (for the 'blue' party) in her kedai makan. just that one of her store rentals is happenned to be a supporter from another party (eh, red rocket one). he got pissed off then pushed away this old helpless woman.
hai, the outcome is this poor women suffered compression fracture over her spine.

so, who is fanatic!

what a painful event, just because the different in political views.

me, better keep quiet and stand out of the 'feverish' spot!

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