Saturday, February 16, 2008

general election is coming

to all malaysians, we may perform our core citizen duty by casting vote in the upcoming election.

very soon, we will be showered the flowery words, promises, with (?false) hopes... money to be given to these schools, these organizations.. approval for these projects or so... grand visit from the VVIPs from house to house. listening to the ceramahs for them the address their agendas and craps... mat rempits and those idiots racing on the roads with their flags... etc

hmmmmm, it sounds like an riot is coming.....


but, i am very sure that...
the petrol price will not be spared from getting more expensive after the election. damned! i got to change riding bicycle later. aiyoyoooo...

the government servants will not get bonus or special allowance (some said) from last year. (what the heck!)

BN will win again! (are you so sure?)


what if the opposition wins this time?
what if Koh Tsu Kun loss in parliament sit?
what if the 'party bulan' get control more than Kelantan state?
what if .....

will get the answer on the 8th march...

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