Sunday, July 02, 2006

bloody dengue!!!

one will appreciate health more after illness...

bloody dengue!!! i suffered nearly one week for it, good experience though. at least i know how pain/suffer if someone gets dengue... bloody damn not-good feeling!!! did i sound it sooo scary???
i experienced the chills and rigors moments, alternating with excessive sweatiness. plus the excruciating pain of all my muscles, i can say it was the worst experience i have ever had... later days, i was facing the ups and downs of my platelets counts. fuiyoooo, it droped and droped to the minimum of 93.

bang! i was asked to admit.
"No way!!!"
stubborn me refused to admit myself into the sardin-cramped-ward. haiyoooo... at the same time, i noticed to have maculo-papilar rashes all over my body. serious??? hmmmm, not a single inch square of my body was free from the rashes. sometimes it was quite ithcy too. cis.....

after all.... i recovered!!! huray..... it was a wonderful moment for myself. at least no more sick, i have back my taste sensation, no more rashes and i can do whatever i want. wonderful, just to have healthy life.

'badan sihat, otak cerdas.' i appreciate that!

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