Thursday, August 10, 2006


finally it is over.........
after all my hard time, night oils and cold sweats of five years in medical course, it is time for me to put a full-stop (temporary, though) in my student life.
"hip, hip, horrayyyy..." joyful moment, and emotional period for all my mates!

after missing for so long not updating my little world here, anything that my dearest missed??? ehhh, not that i know of.
back to my exam, the viva was good. i got good examiners, a prof of orthopedics and another prof from medicine. one more external examiner (another prof, surgeon) from USM. (just wondering why do there so many profs?)
and to my surprise, i was called for the distinction viva today! what a wonderful, dreamed finale for my study life! apart of passing the exam, i was called for the viva. it was definitely a good experience to go through. i was being questioned by three external examiners plus a dato prof from my school. fuiyooo... expected hard questions... but, i was having good time inside the room.

to my dearest, i passed!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation my dearest . You done a good job !!
Anyway, I sincerely want to say THANKS my darling for the nice and romantic dinner yesterday. Really enjoyed every single moment with you.
But...can't really make you eat the whole WASABI !! sad..